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A brief introduction to Tirana

Tirana was once the integral part of the Roman empire and the heritage of that period is still evident and represented by the Mosaics of Tirana, built in 3rd century. At 4th century, Petrele Castle was built under the reign of Justinian I of Byzantine Empire.

Tirana is known for its rich Ottoman, Fascist and Soviet-era architecture. A large concentration of historical buildings are centered around Skanderbeg Square, which is named for its equestrian statue of a national hero, and also is the main hub of events and celebrations. From there you can access the National History Museum, "Sahati" Clock Tower and Et'hem Bey Mosque.

Shkalla e Tujanit
National History Museum Skanderbeg Statue

Other attractions include the Mosaic, Petrele Castle, Pellumbas Cave and Shkalla e Tujanit, which lie on the outskirts of Tirana and are popular even amongst locals year-round. You can go hiking, enjoy the scenery and also have a nice warm meal that will leave you wanting for more.

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