High Quality.
Best Prices.

Emerald Dental offers professional dental services and state of the art technology and machinery.
We only use high-quality products for our patients such as Implantswiss and Straumann.
Dental tourism is a service we specialize in, welcoming a considerable number of foreign patients and ensuring they receive excellent care.

Why choose us?

Do you also find that dental services in your country are a bit expensive?
Due to cheaper labor and material costs on our clinic, you will find the same services but with 70% lower cost!
On Emerald Dental Clinic, you will you receive a highly personalized treatment to amend all your aesthetic problems.

Flight included on the bill

We will subtract your plane ticket price from your bill, you'll get your money back.

Hotel & Airport Pickup

A personal driver will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel room. Both are covered by us.

Dentists graduated in Italy

Our staff has years professional experience in disciplines of Dental Aesthetics, Maxillofacial surgeries, etc.

    Why do patients prefer Albania for dental tourism?

    Dental tourism in Albania has gained popularity in recent years, attracting a significant number of Italian patients seeking high-quality dental care at a fraction of the cost they might incur in their home country. Some of the reasons why foreign patients are choosing Albania for dental tourism are:

  1. Cost-Effective Treatment

    One of the primary reasons foreign patients(from Italy, USA, UK, Austria and more) opt for dental treatment in Albania is the significant cost savings. Dental procedures in Albania are often more affordable than in their home countries, making it an attractive option for those looking to receive quality care without breaking the bank.

  2. Quality of Dental Services

    Albania has experienced a notable improvement in its dental healthcare infrastructure and standards. Many dental clinics and practitioners in Albania adhere to international quality standards, using modern equipment and techniques. Foreign patients often find that they can receive the same level of care as they would in their home country but at a much lower cost.

  3. Experienced and Qualified Dentists

    Albania boasts a growing number of well-trained and experienced dentists. Many dental professionals in the country have received education and training abroad, and some even have international certifications. This factor instills confidence in foreign patients seeking reliable and skilled dental care.

  4. Scenic Destinations and Tourism Opportunities

    Beyond dental treatments, Albania's beautiful landscapes and cultural attractions make it an appealing destination for tourists. Patients often combine their dental visits with a vacation (hence referred to as dental tourism), allowing them to explore the country and enjoy a well-rounded experience.

  5. Language Affinity

    Due to the increase of tourists and better education system, Albanians are fluent in English. This linguistic affinity can be comforting for foreign patients, as they can communicate effectively with dental professionals and staff.

  6. Positive Reviews and Word of Mouth

    Positive reviews and recommendations from previous dental tourists play a crucial role in attracting foreign nationals to Albania. Word of mouth referrals and online testimonials contribute to building trust and confidence in the quality of dental services provided.

Latest Interviews From Our Patients

Pierluigi, a patient from Italy
is happy about his new smile!

Laurie is a patient from the US. She trusted us with her smile and is happy with the results!

Sebastian and Viola from Germany who also had dental veneers done.

Husam is a young patient from Germany who chose to have veneers done.

Quick video about the dental veneers process, before and after.

What Patients say about us, 130+ Google Reviews

Patient Review

Ermal Xhafa

The service that I received at Emerald Clinic is excellent. The staff is friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my health and care. The Doctor was incredible. Not only has she taken great care of my health, but also she is lovely to speak. It’s rare to find a doctor like that. I would have no qualms in recommending them to friends!

Patient Review

Mirandapali Kastrati

Excellent service, polite staff and doctors. I have been in many places, but no one is like this clinic. I recommend to anyone who needs to make a work or to have a beautiful smile. In this place I also felt very comfortable.

Patient Review

Megi Mustafaraj

I am very satisfied with the results I got from Emerald Dental. The staff is very welcoming and communicative. Their dental advice about dental healthcare was also very valuable!

Patient Review

Daniel Bregu

The staff is very kind and warm, making you feel like home. My implants and Veneers got done in about 3 days, meanwhile I got to explore Tirana and have a personal driver to take me wherever I wanted to go.

10/10 I'd go again if I have a problem

Patient Review

Ermal Lala

Super dental service

Patient Review

Sergio Ceka

Highly qualified and communicative staff with a quality service, also environment and reasonable prices. And positioned very close. Highly recommend it.

Patient Review

Ledia Heri

The best clinic, with real proffesionists👌

Patient Review

Urban Stroll

Professional staff and friendly environment.

Oh and not to forget the wall-mounted fish tank, that was something special!