High Quality.
Best Prices.

One of the best dental tourism clinics in Tirana, with specialists graduated in Italy.

Why choose us?

Do you also find that dental services in your country are a bit expensive?
Due to cheaper labor and material costs on our clinic, you will find the same services but with 70% lower cost!
On Emerald Dental Clinic, you will you receive a highly personalized treatment to amend all your aesthetic problems.

Flight included on the bill

We will subtract your plane ticket price from your bill, you'll get your money back.

Hotel & Airport Pickup

A personal driver will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel room. Both are covered by us.

Dentists graduated in Italy

Our staff has years professional experience in disciplines of Dental Aesthetics, Maxillofacial surgeries, etc.

What Patients say about us, 49 Google Reviews

Daniel Bregu

The staff is very kind and warm, making you feel like home. My implants and Veneers got done in about 3 days, meanwhile I got to explore Tirana and have a personal driver to take me wherever I wanted to go.

10/10 I'd go again if I have a problem

Ermal Lala

Super dental service

Sergio Ceka

Highly qualified and communicative staff with a quality service, also environment and reasonable prices. And positioned very close. Highly recommend it.

Ledia Heri

The best clinic, with real proffesionistsđź‘Ś

Urban Stroll

Professional staff and friendly environment.

Oh and not to forget the wall-mounted fish tank, that was something special!